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Also known as
  • Leftfielder
  • Elvis Leftfield
  • Dwayne_Leftfield
  • Bookwyrm
Years active
  • 2002 - 2006
  • 2009 - 2012
Nationality US flag American
Notable works

Leftfield Studios is a group of American brickfilmers mainly comprised of Jonathan "Dwayne_Leftfield" Hellerman, Nathanael "Leftfielder" Hellerman and Billy "Elvis Leftfield" Gribbin, and also including Samuel Hellerman, Matthew "Bookwyrm" Bowman and Daniel Hellerman (and possibly others). They are known for comedy brickfilms such as Aladibababad, Special Deliverance, Unmasked, Fred's Day, and Star Wars: The Great Disturbance, the first feature-length stop-motion animated brickfilm.[1][2]

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
2002? Jurassic Park 4[3]
2002? Untitled Star Wars film[4]
2002 The Return of the King Trailer
2002 The White Room
2003 The Horse Words of Wisdom Contest entry
2003 Terminator 4: Rise of the Polls
2003 Totally Random
2003 A Beatles Christmas
2004 Abducted! A Peculiar Event Contest entry
2004 Leftfielder
2004 Star Wars: The Great Disturbance
2004 Aladibababad High Adventure Theatre Contest first place winner
2004 Fred's Day High Adventure Theatre Contest entry
2005 McBeth in Two Minutes Late 10 Brick Contest film
2005 Special Deliverance Heroes and Villains Contest second place winner
2006 Unmasked Ten Lines Contest first place winner
2009 Rhapsody in Blue[5]
2009 Mind Control Space, Time and Reality Contest entry
2012 Meet the BeatLess! - Preview
2012 Meet the BeatLess! - Preview 2
2012 Meet the BeatLess!

Features in the media Edit


Billy Gribbin as seen in ABC's 2007 I-CAUGHT news segment

Billy Gribbin was featured in a 2007 ABC news segment called I-CAUGHT. The segment featured several other brickfilmers including David Pagano and Joshua Leasure, and also featured the work of Nathan Wells, Jay Silver, Lewis Chen, Robinson Wood and others. Billy Gribbin talked about his work on The Great Disturbance.[6]

References Edit

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