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LeGorso is a 2000 action brickfilm by Joona Poikonen and Lauri Mäki. It follows a man who robs a bank and is then pursued.[1] Though it is a Finnish brickfilm, the little amount of spoken dialogue is in Swedish, and most of the dialogue comes from grunts subtitled in English.[2] A sequel, LeGorSIKA, was released in 2001. Another sequel, LeGorski, was filmed in 2002 but only eventually finished and released in 2022, making LeGorso one of the top 3 longest-running brickfilm series'.


A man arrives in Gorso by plane. He steals a car and drives to the building where he is staying. He observes the bank from his window, then goes to bed. The next day, he goes out and drives his car across the road and through the front of the bank. He holds the teller at gunpoint and has her fill his briefcase with money. He then gets away on foot, while a man in brown watches.

The man in brown heads to a hangar that contains a mech. He gets into it and pursues the thief down a road. The thief tries firing him, but the man in the mech shoots back and kills the thief. The gas pedal in the mech jams and sends it forward, leading it and the man inside off a cliff.[1]


  • Joona Poikonen - Animator, Director, Editor, Builder
  • Lauri Mäki - Animator, Voice actor, Builder
  • Tero Kostermaa - Music, Sound effects
  • Kai-Eerik Kompaa - Music
  • Tero Antinkaapo - Voice actor
  • Ossi Salminen - Support
  • Tea Poikonen - Support


LeGorso was originally created in Spring 2000 for a school course. It was first shown to the public in August 2000 at the Finnish demoscene festival Assembly 2000, and won first place in the Wild Demo competition category. It was one of the earliest Finnish brickfilms[3] and was influential on later Finnish brickfilmers,[4][5][6] including the members of HOViNET team.[7]

An updated version, LeGorso - Remixed, was created later. This version is in higher quality and contains edits to the audio, as well as longer, more detailed credits.[8]