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  • Action
  • Comedy
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Created for Assembly 2001

LeGorSIKA is a 2001 action brickfilm by Joona Poikonen and Lauri Mäki. It follows the man in the brown jacket from LeGorso who must rescue his kidnapped mother-in-law.[1] It was a winning film in Assembly 2001.[2]

In a poll, LeGorSIKA was voted as the best Finnish brickfilm from the years 2000-2002.[3] It has been shown on national television in Finland.[4]

Plot Edit

In Gorso, masked men break into a house and kidnap a woman, taking her away in a truck. Three days later, the man in the brown jacket is relaxing by a pool in France when he is delivered a ransom note for his mother-in-law. He flies to the island of Gorsika and gets a taxi, without noticing mafioso transporting weapons around him. In a bar, he meets with a woman who supplies him with weapons.

Outside, the man and woman enter a mech and approach Mafioso Industries Inc. They shoot the mounted guns on the building but a laser is fired that disables their mech. The man shoots a hole in the building and enters, firing at guards inside. He gets into a melee with the leader, who is revealed to be an alien when defeated. The man in brown goes to free his mother-in-law.

Later in Gorso, the man is awarded a medal at a ceremony. The woman who supplied him with weapons kisses him which offends the woman he had been with in France, who runs up to kick the man.[1]

Crew Edit

  • Lauri Mäki - Character animator, Digital effects, Writer, Builder
  • Joona Poikonen - Director, Additional graphics, Camera animator, Editor, Lighting, Builder
  • Juha-Pekka Alanen - Additional writing
  • Tero Kostermaa - Music, Sound effects
  • Kai-Eerik Kompaa - Music
  • Ossi Salminen, Tea Poikonen, Paullina Wallin, Jussi Mäki, Fathammer, Battery - Support

Awards Edit

Year Competition Category Result
2001 Assembly 2001 Wild demo competition 1st
2002 Cast & Crew Short Film Competition n/a Won
2003 YleX & Kultainen Porkkana n/a Won

Trailer Edit

A trailer for LeGorSIKA was created in Spring 2001 featuring all exclusive footage. The trailer bridges LeGorso and LeGorSIKA, showing the man in brown being brought to hospital after falling off a cliff in LeGorso.[5] The trailer placed 3rd in the wild demo competition at Escape 2001.[6]

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