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Lainie May is an American brickfilmer. She is known for The Humble Hunt, Mixed Up Day, and Bubble.


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Year Title Notes
2016 TMLEGO Caleb Birthday stop motion
2016 Lego The Cloud
2016 Awesome Dive and Spider Guts
2016 LEGO Swimming Lesson?
2016 LEGO "The Criminal" Trailer.
2016 LEGO The Criminal Part 1
2016 Lloyd Ruins MARVEL Movies.
2016 Lego Test.
2016 Lego War!
2016 It's Really Hot Out Here.
2016 "This World Is Going Down!"
2016 "This World Is Going Down" episode 2
2016 LEGO TMLEGO Caleb And Bows&Arrows Adventures
2016 Another day in LEGO land
2016 LEGO Stuck In Claymation.
2016 Jesus Story In Stop-motion.
2017 LEGO Mini Figure Builds A LEGO Vehicle.
2017 LEGO Drive Through "Salad".
2017 Oh, I'm fallingūüé∂
2017 Lego Builds A Lego Vehicle #2
2017 Lil' Kid Gets Arrested.
2017 Lego Digging
2017 A Forgetful Lego Goes Shopping.
2017 The SPLAT GUN!!
2017 Portal Fun
2017 An Example Of Overreacting.
2017 The Door That Won't Close.
2017 Lego Camping.
2017 A Break Through In Computer Technology
2017 (Not True) Story Of How I Got 100 Subscribers.
2017 Can Legos Be Gamers?
2017 Cheesy Pizza Resturant...
2017 Maniac Lego At War
2017 Wrong Bathroom
2017 Weather Issues
2017 "Jesus Story in Stop-motion" Remake.
2017 Beware...
2017 Some Lego Had A Bad Day Today
2017 Kai Training. Made for the LEGO ReBrick Ninja for a Day contest
2017 Don't Walk While Texting
2017 Nothing
2017 Ground Breaking Lego
2017 Barber Shop Trip
2017 There's An Emoji For That
2017 Caffeine Mishap
2017 Math Class
2017 Team Volleyball VS Team Bolleyball
2017 Sensitive peoplz
2017 OCD: Obsessive Coffee Drinker
2017 Orange Candy
2017 Oh Christmas Tree, How BadlyPutTogether Your Branches! Winner of Brick à Brack's Decorate A Christmas Tree Challenge
2018 Disappointment
2018 The Art Of Brickfilming
2018 Horse Brickfilm Made for Brick à Brack's Animation Challenge #3
2018 DEAF Made for Brick à Brack's Silent Contest
2018 Dating Advice from A Yeti
2018 When I Received My First Lego Sets For Christmas Day 17 of the 25 Brickfilms of Christmas
2019 Wild Animal Made for THAC XVI
2019 Mixed Up Day 3rd Place in Bricks in Motion's Past and Future Contest
2019 The Humble Hunt 10th Place in Bricks in Motion's THAC XVII