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Labor Union Riot is a 2001 brickfilm by Jonathan Neary, about workers revolting against a leader.[1] It is set to "In the Hall of the Mountain King" by Edvard Grieg and was an entry to the Classical Movie Contest on,[2] in which it was nominated for the Best Cinematography prize.[3] In a poll, it was voted as viewers' favorite entry to the contest, beating Best Film winner, The Barber of Seville, by 0.6%, or one vote.[4] It was Neary's first film.[5]


An evil-looking leader stands atop his guarded castle and looks down on his workers chopping down trees outside. The workers begin to give signals to each other, and all walk further into the trees to hide. The castle guards approach the trees to see what is going on, when the workers jump out from behind the trees in a co-ordinated attack. They use axes and swords to fight the guards, and manage to steal guns from them. With all the guards defeated, they advance on the castle and climb up to the leader. The leader tries to escape by jumping down, but finds himself surrounded by workers who shoot him repeatedly. The workers celebrate that the leader has fallen.[1]