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LEGO vs. is a 2010 comedic action brickfilm by David Clark.[1][2] It is about a LEGO minifigure who picks fights with various larger opponents.[3] It was created for the eighth Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest and won second place.[4]


A LEGO minifigure approaches a Technic figure and attacks him unprovoked, throwing him against a wall and knocking him out.

Outdoors in the real world, the minifigure walks along a table when a cat jumps up in front of him. The minifigure roars and the cat runs away in fright.

In a house, an animator enters the bathroom and sees the minifigure inside. The minifigure picks up the animator by his foot and smashes him against the wall repeatedly before hurling him into the bathtub.[3]

Cut fights[]

The film was originally supposed to include "LEGO vs. LEGO" and "LEGO vs. DUPLO" fights before the LEGO vs. Technic segment, but the camera stopped working for 3 hours and there was not enough time to shoot these scenes and make the contest deadline, so they were cut.[3]