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LEGO World 2007 is a 2000 science fiction brickfilm by Keith McDaniel (with assistance from his son Eben McDaniel; one of the co-creators of Maximillion and Truth). It follows a human who has been shrunken down to LEGO size, in search of his kidnapped brother.[1] It was created for entry to the LEGO Maniac's Coolest Home Video Contest, and was one of the three grand prize winners.[2]


Aboard a spaceship, a crew of LEGO minifigures travel with a human who has been shrunken to LEGO size. They land on the outskirts of a city under attack by TECHNIC monsters, and the human takes a monorail to the police headquarters. The police inform the human that his brother was kidnapped by Bad Bill, and that they are at Eagle Point. The human makes his way through the city, narrowly avoiding an encounter with a TECHNIC monster, until he reaches a raft that has been readied for him.

At eagle point, the human sneaks past guards until he locates Bad Bill, and finds his brother in a cell. The human shrinks down Bad Bill in revenge, and orders him to obey LEGO law from now on. The human and his brother escape.