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LEGO Wars 2: L'attaque des clowns is a 2003 sci-fi comedy brickfilm by Laurent "Dako" Codaccioni and Stéphane "Topsie" Rougon.[1] It is the sequel to LEGO Wars: La Menace Terrible from 2002, and it follows a large battle between toys for control of an apartment.[2] The LEGO Wars films were available on a personal website and also on the French-language Star Wars fan site[3] Within the French brickfilming community, the LEGO Wars films have been considered to be early classics.[4][5][6] In December 2006, a third and final part was announced,[7] and as of 2009, it was stated to still be in production. This film has never been finished and released.



  • Laurent "Dako" Codaccioni - Director, Writer, Editor, Sound effects, Special effects
  • Stéphane "Topsie" Rougon - Director, Writer, Special effects