LEGO Wars: La Menace Terrible
The president declares the launch of operation "Cobra Zulu"
The president declares the launch of operation "Cobra Zulu"
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Directed by
Laurent Codaccioni & Stéphane Rougon
  • Science fiction
  • Comedy
Running time
Language French

LEGO Wars: La Menace Terrible is a 2002 sci-fi comedy brickfilm by Laurent "Dako" Codaccioni and Stéphane "Topsie" Rougon.[1] It contains elements that parody Star Wars, and it is about a disturbance being detected in Kitchen Sector 4, followed by an operation launched to combat it.[2] It began production in late 1999.[3] It was followed by a sequel, LEGO Wars 2: L'attaque des clowns, in 2003. Within the French brickfilming community, the LEGO Wars films have been considered to be early classics.[4][5][6]

Plot[edit | edit source]

Cast[edit | edit source]

  • Robert Dufour as Jack
  • Mickael Blaine as Elwood
  • Ron Raviola as the president, GI 1
  • Isidor Dean as the commander
  • Charly Tchee as the operator 1
  • Steven Berg as the oeprator 2
  • Maurice Motuboma as Raoul
  • Brosse Lee as GI 2
  • Nyl Strong as Sanchez
  • Conchita Moore as Jennifer
  • Laurent Acar as Jhon
  • "Bab", Laurent "Dako" Codaccioni, "Cedric", Rénato "Renat" Costenzo, "Walid" - Additional voices

Crew[edit | edit source]

  • Laurent "Dako" Codaccioni - Director, Writer, Animator, Casting, Editor, Sound
  • Stéphane "Topsie" Rougon - Director, Writer, Animator, Casting, Special effects, Dialogue
  • "Louize", "Alin", Laurent Codaccioni - English version

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