War has broken out across the planet
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Directed by
Fernando Escovar
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LEGO Wars is a 1980 film by Fernando Escovar and Eric Arbogast. It is one of the earliest known brickfilms created and one of the first known to be based on the Star Wars film series (a remake of a portion of Star Wars by NeeBrell productions appears to predate it, and an even earlier one by Stefanie Herzer from 1977 or 1978 has not yet been located).[1] It depicts a battle between Rebel and Imperial forces.

Plot Edit

A ship of Rebel troops lands on an Imperial-inhabited planet and a battle breaks out. When the Rebels knock over the Imperial flag, the two sides fight to plant their respective flags and claim the land. After a battle outside an Imperial base, the troops on both sides begin to flee as a missile approaches the planet and destroys the buildings in an explosion.

Crew Edit

  • Fernando Escovar - Director, Animator
  • Eric Arbogast - Assistant Director

Production Edit

LEGO Wars was animated by Escovar at age 12. It was filmed on 8mm film using a Bolex camera.[2]


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