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LEGO Troopers is a 1999 sci-fi comedy brickfilm by André "Rhapsody" Bricout and Christophe "Evilkiss" Monnerot.[1] It follows space troopers carrying out a rescue mission on a planet.[2] It is an early French brickfilm, and an early brickfilm to make extensive use of computer generated imagery and visual effects. It placed first in the Lucky & Tigrou Party 1999 Wilds competition.[3]


A base in space receives a distress call from a crew of red troopers exploring a planet. The general leads a group of yellow troopers on a mission to rescue the crew from whatever is menacing them. When they land on the planet, they find a wounded civilian who is mumbling "Godzilla". They then find some of the red troopers, who are looking for something. They spot a black monolith, and a monster emerges from it.

The troopers shoot at the monster before firing a heavy plasma rocket at it, blowing it to pieces. However, the pieces reassemble and the monster becomes whole again. The general makes a call to the "destroyer", telling him to finish the job as they are leaving the planet. The destroyer fires at the planet from space, blowing it up. The troopers update their galactic map to remove the planet, congratulating themselves on a successful mission but considering that they might eventually need to find a new strategy.[2]


  • Christophe Monnerot
  • André Bricout
  • "Freudiaz"
  • "McFly"


  • André Bricout - Creator, Designer, Sounds
  • Christophe Monnerot - Creator, Designer, Sounds
  • "Freudiaz" - Sound
  • "McFly" - Sound
  • "Spawn" - Additional VFX
  • "biro" - Additional VFX
  • "Visant", Alban Nanty, "Nono", "Phoenix", André Bricout, Christophe Monnerot - Subtitling (2002 subtitled version)[4]