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LEGO Star Wars III: "The Build Off" is a 2011 Star Wars brickfilm by Jordan Johnson. It is set during a battle in the Clone Wars, and follows Yoda and General Grievous using bricks to construct equipment to aid their respective sides.[1] It was commissioned by LucasArts as part of the promotion for the video game LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars. Only the animation was by Johnson, as the sound design and effects work were handled by an intermediary marketing agency between LucasArts and Johnson.[2] It was the last brickfilm released by Johnson before going on a two-year hiatus while on a mission with the LDS church.


Amid a battle, droids are pushing back the clone troopers, when Yoda arrives to assist the clones. A ship lands, and General Grievous emerges to aid the battle droids. A clone trooper points out a pile of bricks to Yoda, and Yoda uses the force to construct them into a turret for the clones to use. In response, Grievous uses the force to construct bricks into a walker which destroys the turret. Yoda then builds a vehicle for the clones to use to blow up the walker, so Grievous constructs an Armored Assault Tank to destroy that vehicle. Yoda calls in backup, and a clone trooper tank arrives to take care of the AAT. An incensed Grievous finally constructs a Death Star, which fires upon the clone tank. Yoda whistles, and a human-sized boot arrives to kick the Death Star away, winning the battle.[1]