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LEGO Spiderman is a series of comedy superhero brickfilms created by David Mackenzie. It follows the adventures of Spider-Man and his encounters with various villains. The LEGO Spiderman films were among the earlier superhero brickfilms to gain popularity on YouTube, and were known for featuring many custom figures of comic book characters, at a time before many of them had official LEGO minifigures. While originally only released between 2008 and 2009, LEGO Spiderman became one of the longest-running brickfilm series' with the 2021 release of the CG brickfilm LEGO Spider-Man Episode IX: Into the LEGO-Verse.


Note: The earlier installments were originally uploaded on Mackenzie's old YouTube channel, but these uploads were removed and the films were reuploaded to his CustomLegoMinifigure channel, which is why the first five episodes currently all share the same upload date.[1]

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