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LGO Spiderman
Spiderman, from Episode VII, Deadpool
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LEGO Spiderman is a series of super-hero brickfilms created by David Mackenzie. The series began back in 2008, on Mackenzie's old channel, as a Christmas special, but the series officially began on Mackenzie's new channel, starting at episode I. The series ran for 9 episodes total, and though fans have asked him to bring it back for a long time, it is officially over.

History Edit

LEGO Spiderman Christmas Special

A man is animating a LEGO Spider-Man brickfilm, when is friend comes in and tells him to come to a Christmas party. The animator accepts, and the two friends go to the party. The animator sees Santa Claus, and asks him to refill his empty cup. Santa replies that the glass isn't empty, it's just zero percent full, and the animator angrily knocks Santa over. Santa gets up and knocks Santa down, and he prepares to kill all the guests who've been 'naughty', when Storm shows up and drops a cloud on them. She tells Santa to go deliver presents, and Spider-Man shows up just in time for the end of the video, wondering why he didn't appear in it.

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