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A frame from The Pirates (1989)

LEGO Shopvideo is the name of a series of tapes created by The LEGO Group in the 1980s and 1990s. They were provided to toy retailers in Europe for the purpose of in-store promotion. They featured multiple advertisements for various LEGO sets and themes, which included a number of short films created using stop-motion animation. It appears that most if not all of the animations were created by Bastrup Trickfilm in Denmark.[1]


Listed here are only the shopvideo clips primarily comprised of stop-motion, along with the LEGO sets they specifically advertise at the end. It is possible there exist more shopvideo animations that have not been found. Also included on one of the shopvideo tapes are some stop-motion TV commercials created by Aardman, but these have been omitted from this list as they presumably do not originate from the shopvideo tapes.