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LEGO RPG: The Movie is a 2004 fantasy brickfilm by Ryan Tyrrell. It is about LEGO figures cohabiting a world with other toys and humans. It is based on a series of LEGO role-playing video games Tyrrell had planned out, one of which he had turned in to a playable game.[1][2] It is an early feature length brickfilm, and the third known to be primarily comprised of stop-motion animation.

It was created from 2003 to Winter 2004[3] and filmed with LEGO Studios. Tyrrell released a trailer in 2004 and planned to release the full film on December 1, 2004, but was unable to find a way to compress the film in good enough quality and low enough file size to share it online at the time.[4] He eventually got it uploaded to in 2006.[5] It is the only brickfilm released by Tyrrell.[6]



  • Ryan Tyrrell - Director, Producer, Writer, Voices
  • Andrew MacNamee - Support[7]