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LEGO NINJA: The Adventures of Lego Ninja is a 2007 comedy ninja brickfilm by Ryan Murphy. It follows a brave ninja who embarks on a journey to defeat an evil wizard.[1]


A powerful ninja is on a mission to defeat an evil wizard who lives beyond the forest. The ninja passes into the huge desert, and after many days, arrives at the castle of the wizard. The ninja sneaks through the castle, avoiding guards and dangerous traps. He reaches the chamber of the wizard, and the wizard calls on his most powerful minions, who prove to be no match for the ninja. The wizard attempts to flee, and the ninja easily slays him.

The ninja sets out to sea, and when threatened by the presence of sharks, escapes into a secret underground cavern in the middle of the ocean. He climbs a huge staircase and finds a cryogenic freezing chamber, which he enters. After thousands of years of civilizations rising and falling, the ninja exits the chamber. He finds a totally unfamiliar world full of bizarre constructions and shape-shifting creatures. He finds a lightsaber and a spaceship, and sets off into the sky to see what else awaits him in the world.[1]


  • Ryan Murphy - Writer, Director, Animator, Voice actor, Editor