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LEGO Micro Police Chase! is a 2018 action brickfilm by Mike Crocker. It follows a chase between a stolen car and many police cars.[1] It is a micro-scale brickfilm, featuring small vehicles made up of only a handful of LEGO pieces.[2] It was followed by LEGO Micro Tank Battle! in 2021.


At a car dealership, an orange car is stolen. The thief passes by a police car during the getaway, leading to pursuit from many police vehicles. The thief runs police cars off the road and crashes through a roadblock, before heading off-road to avoid police. The thief arrives at another road which the police soon reach, so the thief rams a log truck to knock the logs free and block the road.

The thief drives parallel to a moving train, but sees a large police roadblock up ahead, and so uses a broken section of a wall as a ramp to jump over the train and escape on the other side of the tracks. The thief turns at a T-junction but encounters another roadblock, so begins to reverse, but is slammed into by a passing semi-truck.[1]