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LEGO Harry Potter Massacre is a 2013 dark comedy brickfilm made by Steadman Studios that serves as a parody of the Harry Potter franchise. It follows Ron Weasely's descent into madness, resulting in several brutal murders.


Ron Weasley loses what's left of his already volitile mind after committing two brutal murders, one of which being his friend, Harry Potter, and goes on a mad and unpredictable rampage of violent and horrific acts.


Harry Potter and Ron Weasely are walking in a hallway in Hogwarts when they are confronted by Draco Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle; Malfoy begins to repeatedly insult the two of them as Ron begs him to stop, his pleas becoming more agitated. When Malfoy wonders where Hermione is, calling her a 'Mudblood', Ron pulls out an axe and attacks the three of them, killing Crabbe and Goyle while badly wounding Malfoy before killing him as well. Harry, in shock, goes to get a teacher but Ron strikes him in the back of the head, killing him.

Ron drags the four corpses through the dorm rooms past Hermione, who is oblivious to this; she later tells Ron that she noticed Harry and Malfoy have gone missing. After talking to Professor McGonagall, Hermione doesn't notice Ron standing behind her with an axe, who kills her before rushing at McGonagall and killing her too. In Professor Snape's class, Snape notices the missing students and asks Ron to stay after class; afterwards, Ron stabs Snape to death with the axe before killing a student who witnessed the murder.

Dumbledore announces seven students and two teachers have gone missing but Ron doesn't think much of it; later in the bathroom, he discovers the corpse of a student who he didn't kill and realizes that there's another killer. A student discovers the corpse pile in a closet but is murdered by Ron. Ron is confronted by another student, who wonders why Ron doesn't know where his friends went; Ron attacks him but he defends himself with an axe of his own, revealing himself to be the second killer. The two fight and Ron ends up stabbing him to death.

Ron goes insane and massacres several students before making his way to Professor Lockhart's class; upon stabbing him in the face, he goes on a killing spree that results in the deaths of several dozen students as well as Madame Hooch and Dumbledore. Ron is sentenced to life in Azkaban Prison as his two split personalities begin screaming at each other.


  • Hayden Steadman as Ron Weasely, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe, Prof. Dumbledore, Prof. Lockhart, Madame Hooch, Azkaban Judge, and several students
  • Chad Steadman as Harry Potter, Gregory Goyle, Prof. McGonagall, Prof. Snape, and Student #3


  • The original soundtrack was composed by Hayden and Chad in FL Studio but their progress was lost due to their computer crashing.