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LEGO German Passport (German: LEGO Deutsche Pass) is a 2024 brickfilm by Seza Tiara Selen. It follows a young Turkish man in Germany who must journey through bureaucratic labyrinths in an effort to obtain his German passport.[1] It makes use of LEGO minifigures, Technic figures, Homemaker figures, Minidolls, and Fabuland figures. It was created for Steinerei 2024, in which it won three prizes including The Film of the Festival.[2]



  • Tanel Selen as Akif Çolak
  • Mine Selen as Hasiye Çolak, Kranz Beate
  • Hans Präßler as Dieter Müllermaus, Jack
  • David Wulf as Markus Soder
  • Jannis Osterburg as Mindy Whicydonnith
  • Linden as Köpek Kuvvetler Ayrılığı
  • Seza Tiara Selen as the narrator, Ayşe Çolak



Year Competition Category Result
2024 Steinerei The Film of the Festival Won
Best Story Won
Best Cinematography Nominated
Best Scenery Nominated
Best Stop-Motion Animation Won
Best Use of Music Nominated