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This film contains content that may be considered not safe for work. Viewer discretion is advised.

LEGO Columbus is a 2016 horror brickfilm by "kristo499".[1] It depicts a massacre of natives upon Christopher Columbus' arrival to America, which leads to unexpected results later on.[2]


A group of settlers led by Christopher Columbus row their boat ashore, where they are greeted by two natives. The natives give them food as a peace offering, but Columbus shoots one of the natives in the eye. The other native tries to run but is shot from behind by settlers. At the natives' campground, the settlers burn a tent to the ground and kill a horse by slicing its face. The settlers proceed to shoot and kill anyone who escapes the burning tent, with an escaping native being cut in half with a pitchfork. The native leader attacks Columbus, but is killed by him. Later that night, as the settlers party, lightning strikes the piles of dead natives and turns them into zombies.

A settler making food is killed by a zombie, which is then beheaded by another settler. The zombies break in and massacre the settlers. Two settlers make a last stand but are incinerated by the zombies. Columbus stands his ground on a table, when the leader bursts in on a zombie horse, killing Columbus by stabbing him in the face with a tomahawk. The zombies proceed to feast on the settlers.[2]