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LEGO City is a brickfilm by Adam Zaner from 1979, making it one of the earliest known brickfilms.[1][2] It was first made publically available in 2014.[3][4] Adam Zaner later became an executive producer of Bricks in Motion: The Documentary, supporting the film financially, and LEGO City was seen in the film.


LEGO City depicts four different unrelated events happening in the city. A pilot downed at sea is rescued and his seaplane is recovered. Meanwhile, a woman is run over by a car which attracts the attention of the police and hospital staff. Construction vehicles are seen to cause disruption at the city's airport. Finally, astronauts are shown enjoying exploring around the moon.[1]


  • Adam Zaner - Director, Animator


Zaner filmed LEGO City at age 12 using a Kodak M12 Instamatic movie camera with 8mm film. The animation was created through brief video clips rather than individual frames but the camera did not record sound so the film remained silent. It was shot outdoors and used coloured sheets to cover the ground and create the environment.

The film was presumed lost for decades until Zaner found a box of 8mm reels including all of his animation while clearing out his grandmother's old house in 2009.[1]