LEGO Brick Blues
The man sings about his LEGO-related woes
The man sings about his LEGO-related woes
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Directed by
Released September 6, 2013
David Boddy
  • Musical
  • Comedy
Running time
Language English
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LEGO Brick Blues is a 2013 musical brickfilm by David Boddy. It was created for the official LEGO ReBrick brickfilm competition Show Us an AFOL, and won the grand prize.[1] In 2014, it was a finalist in the Cine Brick Short Bricks competition.[2]

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The LEGO guitar built by Val Kim

The film centers around a man on a stage singing a song about the trials and tribulations of being a LEGO collector. It features a custom large figure with brick-built mouth animation, rather than featuring a minifigure. The music in the film was played on a guitar built out of LEGO.

Crew[edit | edit source]

  • David Boddy - Writer, Vocalist, Animator
  • Val Kim - Guitar

References[edit | edit source]

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