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LEGO Beer Song is a 2006 brickfilm by Andreas Friedl and Bernhard Friedl. It is a music video set to a comedic song in celebration of beer.[1] It was one of the most widely seen brickfilms in the very early years of YouTube, and at a point was one of the top search results simply for the word "LEGO".[2] LEGO Beer Song was originally created as one scene in a much longer, unfinished film, shot in 2004.[3]

Song origin[]

The melody of The Beer Song is derived from a portion of the 1875 opera Carmen - specifically the part of the Overture that features the theme from the Toreador Song - composed by Georges Bizet. The original artist of The Beer Song appears to be unknown. The song first gained widespread popularity in the early 2000s on filesharing services, where artist names were often incorrect. It has been misattributed to multiple different artists including "Weird Al" Yankovic, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, They Might Be Giants, & Adam Sandler. People often try to correct this information by stating that the song is actually by a group called The Arrogant Worms or by comedian and songwriter Phil Nichol, but according to these artists themselves, they did not create it.[4]


LEGO Beer Song was originally shot in 2004 as just one scene of a much larger brickfilm project, but the full film was never completed. Although 19 minutes of footage were animated, only one scene apart from the Beer Song section had the editing and sound design finished. In 2006, the Beer Song section was cut out of the film and uploaded to YouTube, where it became a surprise success, but the fact that it was cut out of a larger film went unknown. In 2021, to celebrate the 15-year anniversary of the release of LEGO Beer Song, Andreas Friedl uploaded all 19 minutes of footage of the unfinished full film.