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LEGO_Adventure in the City is a 2015 brickfilm written and directed by Rogier Wieland, commissioned by LEGO China. It is about a day in a colorful city, which becomes under threat of being devoured by the color grey.[1] It features multiple different filming techniques including large-scale brick-built animation and a live-action sequence with life-size recreations of LEGO and DUPLO pieces.


The sun rises on a colorful city. A snake walks through a zoo, passing animals including a huge dinosaur. The snake, who lives in a house on top of a very tall building, takes a rocket to get up to his home, where he makes lunch. He looks out the window and sees an oncoming attack from the color grey, which swallows everything in its path. The snake turns on the city's colorful border wall to keep the grey out. When birds in a pond are swallowed by the grey, the snake uses his magic sword to fire bolts of color at them to restore them back to their former state.

Panic breaks out in the city, and the grey breaks through the color wall. The dinosaur escapes from the zoo, and also attacks the city. When the grey comes in contact with the dinosaur, it becomes to convert it to grey, but the dinosaur is made of so many bricks that it uses up all the available grey. With both threats stuck in place, the city is saved.

The child that has been imagining the scenario is called away from his toys.[1]


  • LEGO China - Client
  • Rogier Wieland - Writer, Director, Animator, Art direction and design
  • Danièle Knirim - Producer, Animator
  • Yoana Buzova - Animator
  • Suus Hessling - Animator
  • Raymon Wittenberg - Animator
  • Iris van den Akker - Animator
  • Thomas Boyd - Narrator, Actor
  • Matthias Hurtl - Set builder
  • Pieter-Henk van Wijk - Set builder
  • AKQA, Shanghai - Agency
  • Black and Cameron, Shanghai - Production house
  • Nadine Bradshaw, Jasper van Blokland, Jesse Hendriks, Jean Villanueva, Mickey Yang - Special thanks


Year Competition Category Result
2015 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Animation Nominated[2]
Best Set Design Nominated
2016 Bay Area International Children Film Festival Children's Choice - All Ages Won
2017 Hsin-Yi Children's Animation Awards n/a Nominated

The film was also chosen as part of the official selection in the KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2015, Lincoln Film Festival 2016, Stop Motion Barcelona Short Film Festival 2017, and Northwest Animation Festival 2018.