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LEGO-TEAM is a 2004 action-comedy brickfilm by "France & Alex".[1][2] It is a parody of the television series The A-Team.[3] For the film's 10 year anniversary in 2014, a remastered version was created that increased the frame rate from 10 to 15 and replaced the gibberish and video-game derived dialogue with lines taken from the French dub of the original show, among other technical improvements.[4]


In a castle, a villain explains to his minions his plan to demolish the Dino-Club restaurant to acquire hidden treasure. Henchmen drive to the Dino-Club and completely trash the place. A waitress makes a phone call to ask for help, and the A-Team get in their van and start driving. At the Dino-Club, the A-Team are told about the villain. They gather supplies and construct what they will need.

Face uses binoculars to scope out the villain's castle, and spots the plan inside. He radios for the rest of the team, who bring the van over. They attach a hook to the door and drive to break the castle open. The villains all leave in vehicles to pursue the van. The van returns to near the Dino-Club and goes into a shed. The villains wait outside for it to come back out, but instead a caravan converted into a tank is driven out and blasts the villains, who are then brought to jail.

The team dig underneath the Dino-Club and retrieve the secret treasure for the owners.[3]


  • "France & Alex" - Sets, Animation, Editing
  • Mathieu Quintin - Voice of the villain (remastered version)