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L'Inspiration is a 2006 comedy brickfilm by Jeremy Richard.[1] It follows a screenwriter with writer's block searching outside for something to inspire him.[2]


A narrator explains that a failed screenwriter has one last chance to write a screenplay for a major production, but he has lost all inspiration. He heads outside to try to find inspiration through interactions.

At a nearby house, a man has come to the door to see his love. However, she is not happy to see him and decides to get rid of him for good. She drops a brick from her balcony onto his head and then goes downstairs to take his body inside. Just then, the screenwriter walks by and asks if she needs any help. She tells him that the man didn't get enough sleep and that she is OK, and the writer continues on, disappointed that the woman was too busy to help him find inspiration. He arrives at a T-junction and decides to turn left.

The writer has still not found an idea by the time night falls, and continues to walk the streets. He witnesses two robots teleport onto the road in front of him, and thinks that this has finally given him his inspiration. However, the narrator decides that this has been done before and reverts the story back to the point at the T-junction. This time, he sends the writer to the right, deciding that "This way, the inspiration will be better".

After walking for hours, the writer still has no inspiration. He decides that this must either be because nothing happens in his town or that the inspiration has passed him by. He walks away, only to miss a crook from medieval times teleport onto the road, who is then chased by a knight.[2]


  • Jeremy Richard - Writer, Director, Animator, Set Design, Editor, Accessories, Special Effects, Subtitling
  • Amaury Leve - Accessories
  • Jacques Richard - Accessories
  • Stephane Lamblot - Special Effects
  • Caroline Richard - Subtitling

Award Nominations[]

L'Inspiration was nominated for one award in the 2006 BAMPAs.[3]

Year Competition Category Result
2006 Brickfilming Achievement in Motion Picture Arts Best Screenplay Nominated