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2008? - 2012
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Kyle Cullum is a British brickfilmer. He is best known for Major Malfunction and First Class.[1] His brickfilms are known for their cartoony animation style, and he has also combined other mediums of animation with brickfilming.

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Year Title Notes
2009 Mechanical Spider and Hobo X [2]
2009 Battle Royal X
2009 Hobo Escape X
2009 Monster Hunters X
2009 Ministry of Evil X [3]
2009 Just Deserts X
2009 Out of Steam
2009 Piano Man- Not Joplin!
2009 In the hallway of the mountain king
2009 Drunken Monkey
2009 Super Mario: The LEGO Dimension
2009 Sorcery is this
2009 Dragon Madness
2009 First Class
2010 Fruitlessness
2010 Doom Doom Death
2012 Major Malfunction

References Edit

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