Kristian Sandberg
Kristian Sandberg's logo
Also known as
  • Kristian
  • Kristian L. Sandberg
  • minifigstudios
  • Minifig Movie Studios
Years active
2002 - 2005
Nationality Norway Flag Norwegian
Notable works

Kristian Sandberg is a Norwegian brickfilmer. He is known for Over the Hills and Far Away, one of the winners of the BrickFest 2003 Music Video Animation Competition, and for contributing to the community project Cleaning Time.


Year Title Notes
2002 Bankrånet Remastered in 2004 as The Bank Robbery[1]
2002 The Duel[2][3]
2002 Furby Attacks
2003 Once Upon a Time[4]
2003 Over the Hills and Far Away BrickFest 2003 Music Video Animation Competition Best Technical Animation winner[5]
2003 The Acrobat's Journey Words of Wisdom Contest entry
2005 Be Not Afraid[6]
2005 Cleaning Time Community project co-ordinated by Doug James and Joshua Leasure and directed by Tom Dean

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