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Kristóf Fekete-Kovács is a Hungarian brickfilmer.[1] They are known for films including The Yellow Brick Horse, Modern Art Orchestra - Halloween Blues, and the Clumsy Bob series, as well as for their major contributions to the community project A Brickfilm Christmas.[2]


Year Title Notes
2009 The Evil Hooded Figure AniExer-size Animation Contest entry
2009 101 Ways a Minifig Can WIN at Life #57 - Chess
2009 Space Crisis The Four Monkeys' Fall 2009 Brickfilm Contest entry
2010 Darth Vader's Christmas Letter
2010 101 Ways a Minifig can be Annoying #71 - Talk During Movies Also known as Clumsy Bob Episode 0: Pilot
2010 Sdrawkcab Avant-Garde Contest entry
2010 Clumsy Bob Episode 1: Silent Film
2010 "Seasons" Late Septemberfest Contest film
2010 Trick or Treat Surprise
2010 LEGO Star Wars: Set 8083 Stop Motion Build
2010 LEGO Star Wars: The Emperor Hates Christmas
2010 Letters for Santa Claus
2010 Assassin Competition Late Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 8 film
2011 Witchcraft
2011 Clumsy Bob Episode 2: The Easter Bunny EASTER Brickfilming Festival 2011 entry
2011 Sir Clumsy Bob Tales of Yore Contest entry
2011 The Head-Shooter Directed by "Ahsagot5212"
thevisualcompany's LEGO Headshot Competition entry
2011 Apple shooting fail thevisualcompany's LEGO Headshot Competition entry
2011 Jabba's Best Bounty Hunter Directed by "Ahsagot5212"
thevisualcompany's LEGO Headshot Competition entry
2012 Batman's Birthday
2013 Heinrich the Hero Directed by "Ahsagot5212"
2014 All Hail the Glorious Coffee! Fancy Pants' February Brickfilming Contest entry
2014 Toothache - an Interactive LEGO movie
2014 Batman: Spring Cleaning EASTER Brickfilm Contest 2014 entry
2014 Clumsy Bob: Watching The LEGO Movie
2014 Not Clumsy Bob: Not Watching Captain America
2014 B. vs. B.
2014 Robin Hood - Developments Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2014 entry
2014 Modern Art Orchestra - Halloween Blues Official music video
2015 Time Cruisers: A Refreshing Twist Late Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XII film
2015 Time Wont Stop – So What Official music video
2017 fooled "Fooled" Brickfilm Contest third place winner
2017 Brick to Brick Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2017 entry
2017 A Brickfilm Christmas Community project coordinated by Christof Muñoz
2018 LEGO Wuxia Late Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XV film
2018 Pet Shop Seventy-two Hour Animation Contest entry
2018 Bird's Eye Heist 8*8*8 8 fifth place winner
2018 doop Brick à Brack's Summer Contest 2018 entry
2018 The Yellow Brick Horse Brick à Brack's Summer Contest 2018 2nd place winner
2018 Clumsy Bob: The Ice Planet Slasher
2018 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - Chapter One: Introduction Fantastic Brickfilms and Where To Make Them third place winner
2018 DIY Christmas Present #13 in the 25 Brickfilms of Christmas
2019 Guardians of the Galaxy: Ain't No Thing Like Me Avengers: Brickfilmers Assemble fourth place winner
2019 LEGO Mickey Mouse in Stormboat Willie Commissioned by The LEGO Group via Brick à Brack
2019 LEGO Halloween Kills Scary Contest entry
2020 Harley Quinn: Mad Love
2020 Let's Start from the Beginning... Seventy-two Hour Animation Contest first place winner
2020 Easy Carrot Ginger Soup Recipe The 10 Bricks of EASTER 2020 entry
2020 What Wizards do in Quarantine
2021 The Prettiest Thing You Can Wear Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XVIII entry
2021 What Wizards do on Valentine's Day
2021 Out of Sight VocalFlix 2021 first place winner
2022 Time Cruisers: Origins - Chapter 1 Brickfilm Day 2022 entry