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Kris Theorin is an American brickfilmer. He is best known for films including The Call of Farqunglu and The Adventures of Kentucky Jackson, and he has also created multiple works for The LEGO Group through Tongal. Many of his films are written and voiced by his brother, Kurtis Theorin.


Year Title Notes
2009 PSSAs
2009 Star Wars: The Attack
2009 The Theft
2009 Battle of the Swords
2009 Turkey of Doom
2009 LEGO Tutorial
2009 Origins
2009 LEGO Spiderman
2009 SNL Dear Sister
2009 Spongebob: The Clean-O-Bot
2009 The Escape Part One
2009 LEGO Christmas
2010 LEGO Matrix
2010 1582
2010 The Theft Remake of 2009 film
2010 Squad 1066 Part 1
2010 The Juggler
2010 Squad 1066 Part 2
2010 Bionicle Battle Unfinished
2010 The Cold Front X TheVisualCompany's LEGO Battle contest entry[1]
2010 41st Elite Unfinished
2010 Batman-From The Shadows TheVisualCompany's LEGO Battle contest entry
2010 Squad 1066 Part Three
2010 Pumpkin Problems
2010 World War 2: Operation Husky TheVisualCompany's LEGO Battle contest entry
2010 Pushy
2010 Happy Thanksgiving
2010 If At First You Don't Succeed Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 8 entry
2010 Merry Christmas!
2011 Strangers Part 1
2011 Halo Short
2011 Strangers Part 2
2011 Walk This Way Entry thefourmonkeys' "Walk This Way" Contest entry
2011 Crossing The Streaming Stream
2011 A Spark of Life Nightly News at Nine's Robot Animation Contest entry
2011 WHYY Youth Media Awards Narrative Category Middle School first place and Judges' third place winner[2]
2011 The Brain Gobblers From Saturn Trailer tomjoetwins' 'Aliens' animation contest first place winner[3]
2011 WHYY Youth Media Awards Open Category Middle School 2nd place winner
2012 International Movie Trailer Festival Best Student Entry winner
2011 Squad 1066 Part Four
2011 Headshot TheVisualCompany's LEGO Head Shot Contest entry
2011 Legando spugesdu's Fourth Great & Bountiful LEGO Stop Motion Contest 2011 entry
2012 Westport Youth Film Festival Best Animation winner
2011 Scroober Drew
2011 Give The Dog a Bone
2011 Batman: Out of Character One of two[4] LEGO Super Heroes Challenge November first place winners
2011 Z.F.F. Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 9 entry
2011 Secret Santa[5] 2012 WHYY Youth Media Awards Middle School Category first place winner
2011 FIGHT CLUB[6] thefourmonkeys' FIGHT CLUB Contest Best Animation second place winner
2012 The Good, The Bad, and The Noob
2012 Egg Hunt: Blood On The Grass
2012 Strangers Part 3
2012 Some Assembly Required "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Contest" Tongal submission[7]
2012 Prison Brick-Out "LEGO DC Super Heroes Video Contest" Tongal second place winner[8]
2012 The Call of Farqunglu
2012 The Cold Front Teaser
2013 ReBrick LEGO Movie Entry The LEGO Movie ReBrick Film Competition entry
2013 First Dice, Then a Slice[9] "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stop-Motion PSA" Tongal first place winner
2014 A LEGO Brickumentary Credits animator[10]
2014 Lights, Camera, Stop Motion! "LEGO Movie Maker Video Project" Tongal second place winner[11]
2015 A Jarring Encounter[12][13] "LEGO Jurassic World Mini Movie Video Project" Tongal first place winner
2016 Operation Sign-Up "LEGO Club Video Project" Tongal winner[14]
2016 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in LEGO! Created by Animators Collective
2016 The Adventures of Kentucky Jackson
2016 LEGO City Buildas "LEGO® Stop-Motion Music Video Parody Project" Tongal winner[15]
2016 LEGO Yellow Submarine[16] "LEGO Ideas Yellow Submarine Stop-Motion Video Project" Tongal winner
2016 LEGO Technic Drifting Dream "LEGO Technic 2016 Gig Contest" Tongal winner[17]
2017 Luke's Landspeeder "LEGO Luke´s Landspeeder Video Project" Tongal winner
2017 Shark Prank "LEGO Seasonal Shark Week Gig" Tongal winner
2017 LEGO Eclipse "LEGO Seasonal Eclipse" Tongal winner
2017 School is Coming! "LEGO Seasonal Back to School" Tongal winner
2017 Happy New the FUTURE!? "LEGO Seasonal New Years" Tongal winner
2019 A Deadly Death Star Eclipse Commissioned by The LEGO Group