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Kipper is an advertisement for LEGO that first aired in 1981. It is among the earliest brickfilms created and is one of the earliest to be commissioned by The LEGO Group.[1] It is the earliest known fully stop-motion animated advertisement for LEGO that takes the form of a short film.[2]


A mouse is standing outside his mouse hole when a cat comes along to attack him. The mouse suddenly transforms into a dog in an attempt to scare away the cat but the cat turns into a dragon. The two creatures continue to transform into various forms in an attempt to defeat the opposition. When the cat turns into an elephant, the mouse (who is now a missile-crunching vehicle) reverts back to his original mouse form which frightens the elephant, causing it to fall over.



  • Ken Turner - Director
  • Mike Cozens - Writer
  • Graham Watson - Art director
  • Tom Harrison - Director of photography
  • David Mitten - Producer
  • Patrick Udale - Editor


Kipper was produced by the English studio Clearwater Films and the TBWA London agency.[4] It aired on television in the United Kingdom from 1981 to '82 or '83 and was notably well received.[3]

The popularity of the ad endured in the UK over the years and in 2000, it was voted as one of the 100 greatest TV advertisements by viewers of Channel 4.[1] In 2008, to coincide with their 50th anniversary, The LEGO Group decided to air the ad on UK television once again for the first time in 26 years.[5]


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