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Kevin Sarp, typically known as "Thorn2200", is an American brickfilmer.[1] He is known for dramatizing comedian Eddie Izzard's stand-up into brickfilms. His Eddie Izzard brickfilms, such as Death Star Canteen and Cake or Death, were some of the most widely-viewed brickfilms on YouTube in the early years of the site, and his brickfilms have a combined total of over 53 million views on YouTube.[2]


Year Title Notes
2007 Accordion dude
2007 James Bond First in the Eddie Izzard series
2007 Death Star Canteen
2007 Brit vs. US movies
2007 Cake or Death
2007 Horses
2007 Supermarkets and Trolleys
2007 B-movies and Vampires
2007 Do you have a Flag?
2008 Horse Races
2008 Romans, Carthaginians, and Elephants
2008 Technology
2008 Late Night Petrol Station Shopping