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Kelly Jeffery and Russ Gatrell are American brickfilmers, who were among the first people to share brickfilms online, in 1999.[1] They are best known for the Star Wars brickfilm Salt Lake Spaceport. Their works are the earliest known brickfilms created with official Star Wars LEGO,[2] which was first released in 1999.

On November 20, 1999,[3] Kelly Jeffery and fellow early brickfilmer Russ Jensen[4] founded an online brickfilm directory, over a year before the launch of The site was called LEGO Compulsion and asked viewers to submit any brickfilms they had made, as well as including a page on how to make brickfilms. This website appears to have only ever featured 6 brickfilms, and was offline by 2001.[5]


Year Title Notes
1997? Kevtanic X By Russ Gatrell and Mike Olsen[6]
1999 Sabre Duel
1999 LEGO Menace By Kelly Jeffery only
1999 Salt Lake Spaceport Trailer
1999 Salt Lake Spaceport