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Keep Talking is a 2018 brickfilm by Steffen Troeger. It is a tribute to physicist Stephen Hawking, with visual accompaniment to one of his quotes.[1] It was created for Steinerei 2018 and was awarded with a special prize from the jury; separate to the regular jury prize.[2]


The film centers around a quote by Stephen Hawking which originates from a 1993 advertisement for BT. In it, he describes how the greatest advancements devised by humans were brought about via communication of ideas, and how mankind's greatest failures were a result of not talking. The film shows a model of Stephen Hawking against a backdrop of space, and depictions of multiple scenarios from throughout the history of mankind.[1]


  • Iain Heath - Original figure design
  • ESA/Hubble - Original deep-space pictures
  • Steffen Troeger - Original concept, Animator, "Keep Talking" and "Egypt" music, Sound design
  • Stephen Hawking - Original quote