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Justice League is a series of superhero action-drama brickfilms created by Jack Kearns, AKA "Linkinpop13". It is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which Batman and Superman have become rivals, and follows Batman's efforts to team up with The Flash to enact a plan to bring the world back to how it used to be. It stars Coulter Rail as Batman, Austin Estola as Superman, Jorge "J.D Hero" Diaz as Nightwing, and Guy Chase as The Flash. Episodes in the series are usually each around 15-20 minutes long.[1]


Episode 1: New World (2018)[]

"The world is no more! Planet Earth is not the place it once was and because of this the journey ahead for the Caped Crusader and his team will be unpredictable and one of many challenges. In the episode of Justice League learn about the history of this New World and what its going to take to reach hope."

Episode 2: Infiltration (2020)[]

"After receiving information from the "Kid Flash" we now know that Barry Allen is alive and perhaps under the fighting pits. After hearing this the Dark Knight and his team sneak into Metropolis to find out if this information is true, what awaits them is a mission of uncertainty!"

Episode 3: Wasteland (2020)[]

"The stand off begins! After being betrayed by Captain Boomerang, Batman finds himself backed into a corner by the Justice League. With Earths Greatest Protectors facing off against the Caped Crusader he'll need to think fast on his feet if he wants to get out of this situation!"

Episode 4: Injustice (2021)[]

"The Hunt Begins! Frustrated with how the Wasteland situation was handled Superman sends out Bane and his men to find Batman and bring the Flash back. Though giving these former criminals this much freedom and seeing how they handle situations has left the Justice League to question there actions and it has also made them reflect on whether or not what they're doing is really the right thing or an Injustice!"

Episode 5: World’s Finest (2021)[]

"Tension is rising! With Superman's miss management of the League and his failure to recapture the Flash he feels as if he is losing power and has been pushed to the edge resulting in him sending out a peace treaty to the Batman hoping to regain his trust and put aside the past. With Batman now in possession of the Flash, who he refers to as the "key to our universe" surely it would be foolish to go back to Metropolis and accept Superman's offer....surely???"

Episode 6: Gods Among Us (2024?)[]

Episode 6 is slated to be released in 2024. a 4-minute preview was shared in September 2022.


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