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Justice League - Episode 5: World’s Finest is a 2021 superhero brickfilm by "Linkinpop13". It sees Superman, after failing to recapture The Flash from Batman, sending out a message to Batman inviting him to come to negotiate peace between them.[1] It is the fifth film in the Justice League series, following Episode 4: Injustice from earlier in 2021. It is set to be followed by Episode 6: Gods Among Us in 2022 or 2023.


Barry Allen discusses that the Man in Yellow went back in time and changed something, and the only way that Barry can alter the past is to find out what he changed. Superman broadcasts a message, where he says that he wants to make peace with Batman and invites him to Metropolis. Barry practices running while Batman visits the grave of Alfred. Barry, Dick and Batman drive to Metropolis and manage to enter it.

Inside the Tower of Justice, Superman and his guards ambush Batman and hold them at gunpoint. The guards suddenly explode and Cyborg shoots Superman in the back with a Red Sun laser. Half of the Justice League defects to Batman's side as Batman opens a Red Sun generator and brutally beats Superman to death.


  • Coulter Rail as Batman
  • Austin Estola as Superman
  • Jorge "J.D Hero" Diaz as Nightwing
  • Guy Chase as Flash
  • Joel Xero as Joker
  • Logan Weisberg as Cyborg, Aquaman
  • Gabriel Nava as Shazam
  • "EnergeticLegoFilms" as John Stewart
  • "MadBat Productions" as Alfred
  • Xander Bose as Hidden figure
  • Jack Mckean as an unnamed character
  • "Chimichanga Productions" as an unnamed character
  • J. Northall as an unnamed female character
  • "RestInPiecesProductions" as various crowd members


  • "Linkinpop13" - Director
  • "Dynamic Films" - Assistance with the Flash VFX
  • Filip Olejka - Music
  • Josiah King - Music


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