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Justice League - Episode 4: Injustice is a 2021 superhero brickfilm by "Linkinpop13". It sees Superman sending Bane and his men to find Batman and The Flash before Batman can enact his plan to fix the world.[1] It is the fourth film in the Justice League series, following Episode 3: Wasteland from 2020. It was followed by Episode 5: World’s Finest later in 2021.


Batman, Barry and Nightwing (Dick Grayson) regroup and Batman tells Dick that Barry can run back in time and create a world where Superman didn't take over. Barry tells him that the Man in Yellow, Superman's boss, will kill him if he does anything like it. Batman tells him that Beast Boy and Slade died for this, and then he leaves. Superman is beaten by an unknown force, telling him to find Barry Allen. Superman arrives at an underground bunker where Cold is being kept and tortures him with his heat vision. Unsatisfied with his answer, Superman leaves as Cold is continued being tortured with a drill. Superman sends out his armies to kill people opposed to him.

Three of his men, Skull, a Joker copycat and Scarecrow come across three merchants. Skull jumps out and stabs one in the throat while the other try to run. The Joker copycat shoots one through the back of the face while Scarecrow blasts one in half. The bar from Episode 1: New World is attacked by the armies. Diana brutally beats a man before he is shot in the head. Hawkgirl's kingdom is attacked by the army, wearing the helmet of the murdered Hawkman. Firefly burns the entire Marvel family, Zodiac Master, Calendar Man, The Eraser and Catman alive at the stake. Katana is ambushed by Bane and some guards, but she manages to vertically cut one in half. She then cuts another in half and decapitates him, and stabs another in the side of the neck. Bane shoots at her but she escapes through the river.

The army raid a market and one of the guards has his head exploded by Polka-Dot Man, before he is shot through the neck by Skull and partially decapitated. Bane and his army attack Sicily, but they are ambushed by Huntress who manages to fire a crossbow bolt into the eyes of a guard. Huntress throws the crossbow, causing the arrow still in it to lodge in a guards throat. Huntress then kills the Mutant Leader by firing a bolt through his eyes, before two Man-Bats capture her. Bane then takes a sledgehammer and rams it into the back of her skull, crushing it and killing her.

Batman and Dick manage to convince Barry to go along with the plan, as they head to Gotham. In Metropolis, members of Superman's council (formerly the Justice League) begin to have doubts about Superman's plan. As everyone yells, Superman raises Jon in the air and begins to strangle him, before dropping him on the table. Superman tells Cyborg to broadcast what he is about to say. Batman, Dick and Barry drive through Gotham and arrive at the Batcave, where Batman shows them the real Joker, now a living severed head in a jar.


  • Coulter Rail as Batman
  • Austin Estola as Superman
  • Jorge "J.D Hero" Diaz as Nightwing
  • Guy Chase as Flash
  • "Jayttic" as Captain Cold
  • Xander Bose as Bane, Robin
  • Logan Weisberg as Cyborg, Aquaman
  • Gabriel Nava as Shazam
  • "EnergeticLegoFilms" as John Stewart
  • "BrickJeanFilms" as Green Lantern
  • Joel Xero as an unnamed character
  • J. Northall as an unnamed character



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