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Justice League - Episode 3: Wasteland is a 2020 superhero brickfilm by "Linkinpop13". It follows Batman facing off against Superman and the Justice League members who still follow him.[1] It is the third film in the Justice League series, following Episode 2: Infiltration from earlier in 2020. It was followed by Episode 4: Injustice in 2021.


Superman threatens Batman to tell him where Barry is, but Batman refuses. Boomerang pulls out a pistol and shoots Beast Boy through the side of the head with it. Batman wraps a rope around Boomerang's neck and escapes on his Batcycle, dragging Boomerang along the road. Superman and Jon fly after them into the desert, while Batman meets up with Nightwing, Slade and Barry. Batman fires a laser through Jon's chest, badly wounding him, and opens the Red Sun generator, rendering Superman's powers useless around him. Barry and Batman get in the Batmobile, Nightwing and Slade get on their motorcycles, with Slade strapping Boomerang to his back after they see Superman's fleet of cars advancing.

The cars fire at their cars, one of the bullets hitting Boomerang in the neck and partially decapitating him, causing him to fall off of the motorcycle. He is killed when another car runs him over, crushing his neck and decapitating him. Realizing that his only cover is gone, Slade jumps from his motorcycle onto one of the cars, slicing a person's throat. Slade fights with a man on a car and takes his sawed-off shotgun, shooting him in the eye. He then shoots another man in the chest, causing him to fly backwards off of the car into the wheel of another, shredding him. The final man on the roof of that car attacks Slade, but Slade shoots him in the back of his head, blowing it off. Slade jumps onto the car where Deadshot it in, trying to kill Nightwing, and impales him on his sword.

Nightwing jumps from his motorcycle to Slade and they begin to fight the men. Slade takes Deadshots gun and snipes a man on another car in the face, and shoots another's arm off. A man on the roof of his car attacks Slade, but Slade shoots him in the leg and then in the face. Realizing that Slade's gun is empty, a man with a scythe attacks him, only for Slade to impale him through the torso. Batman sets the Batmobile on autopilot and jumps in to help in the fight. Slade encounters a man with a machete, who he kills by hacking his own machete on both sides of the neck, decapitating him. Batman fights with Green Arrow, but Green Arrow lets Batman go. Slade is attacked by two more men, one who he manages to slice off his arm, but the other manages to slash across Slade's chest.

A wounded Slade throws the driver under the wheels of a car, while Batman is attacks by two men, one of whom is shot repeatedly by Green Arrow. Slade jumps on another car, axing a man in the side of the neck and knocking out the Mutant Leader by stomping on his head. Nightwing is thrown off of a car by Bane but manages to get onto Slade's motorcycle. Slade is overwhelmed by a group of men, one who he manages to stab in the neck. He is shot in the head and knocked off of the car, badly wounding him, before a car drives into the back of his head, killing him. Batman explodes Superman's truck and he and Nightwing get away.

An angered Superman hits Oliver, causing him to smash against the remains of his car. He flies away, leaving Speedy to tend to his injuries.


  • Coulter Rail as Batman
  • Austin Estola as Superman
  • Jorge "J.D Hero" Diaz as Nightwing
  • "EnergeticLegoFilms" as Deathstroke
  • "Jayttic" as Captain Cold
  • Guy Chase as Flash
  • Xander Bose as Bane, Mutant leader
  • Kaden Ptasznik as Beastboy
  • Logan Weisberg as Cyborg
  • "Airborne_Productions" as Green Arrow
  • Christian "Production Journal" Ribarich as Deadshot
  • "BrickJeanFilms" as John Stewart
  • "Brytyguy" as Robot henchmen



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