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Justice League - Episode 2: Infiltration is a 2020 superhero brickfilm by "Linkinpop13". It follows Batman and his recruits sneaking into his adversary Superman's territory in an attempt to track down The Flash, who was previously believed to be dead.[1] It is the second film in the Justice League series, following Episode 1: New World from 2018. It was followed by Episode 3: Wasteland later in 2020.


Batman reveals a Red Sun generator, which is how he has avoided capture for five years. With Beast Boy and Cold already in the city and Nightwing on lookout outside of it, Batman makes suits for him and Slade to get into Metropolis undetected through the front gate. At the entrance, a man is caught for smuggling weapons into the city and is shot through the back by the guards. Batman and Slade make it into the city and arrive at the fighting pits, where Wonder Woman (Diana) has just decapitated Killer Croc, standing around the bodies of a bisected Joker goon and another person, who has been bisected and decapitated. The next contender, Hawkman, is also promptly decapitated by Diana.

Two guards guarding the entrance to under the arena are attacked by Slade, who shoots one in the head, and stabs the other, killing him by shooting him in the face. Under the pits, Batman and Slade find a group of people waiting to fight Diana. They hide from the guards, who drag off a screaming Two-Face to be the next contender. Batman breaks through a wall, but another guard arrives. Slade slashes his throat and cuts off his head with a knife, before realizing that Batman has found a badly beaten Barry. All three are confronted by Damian Wayne, who is now working for Superman. Slade escapes with Barry and Batman fights Damian, with Nightwing heading towards the city, not having gotten a radio answer from Boomerang.

Batman beats Damian and exits outside, where he finds that Beast Boy and Cold have been captured by Shazam, Green Lantern (John Stewart) Aquaman, Speedy, Green Arrow, Cyborg and Wonder Woman, having been betrayed by Boomerang. Superman then arrives.


  • Coulter Rail as Batman
  • Jorge "J.D Hero" Diaz as Nightwing
  • "EnergeticLegoFilms" as Deathstroke
  • "Jayttic" as Captain Cold
  • "Jsfilmz" as Kid Flash
  • Guy Chase as Flash
  • Xander Bose as Robin, Robot guard


  • "Linkinpop13" - Director
  • Theron Kay, Paramedics, Ross Budgen, Machinimasound, "Jtlc productions", Ethan Teber-Rossi, Alex Lisi, Daniel Ciurlizza - Music


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