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Justice League - Episode 1: New World is a 2018 superhero brickfilm by "Linkinpop13". It is set in a post-apocalyptic world, and follows Batman beginning to gather recruits to help with his plan to fix the world.[1] It is the first film in the Justice League series, and it was followed by Episode 2: Infiltration in 2020.


In a wasteland, Batman in his Batmobile battles several cars filled with men trying to kill him. After evading most, Batman arrives at a wall. A man attacks him with a metal pole but Batman smashes him against the Batmobile, before taking the pole and bludgeoning him with it. The wall is revealed to be a secret entrance, where he finds a badly beaten Wally West pinned against the wall. Wally tells Batman "under the fighting pits" before dying of his injuries. Batman drives to a bar where violence is banned, under the order of Superman, who has taken over the world. Batman meets with Nightwing, who gets his team to help Batman, made up of Deathstroke, Captain Cold, Beast Boy and Captain Boomerang.

A man supporting Superman, who threatened Batman earlier in the bar, attacks him with a knife, but Deathstroke promptly slices off his head. After driving for the entire day, they stop to rest and Batman tells them the story of Barry Allen. During the war with Braniac, which killed an untold amount of people, Barry presumably died. Batman reveals that Wally sent him a message saying that Barry was still alive, before Superman captured and killed him. The team heads to Superman's HQ, Metropolis.

In a flashback to five years ago, Superman rose to power after the invasion and war, ruling the world with an iron fist. He revealed Batman's identity to the world and put a bounty on his head, making Batman dedicated to taking him down.


  • Coulter Rail as Batman
  • Jorge "J.D Hero" Diaz as Nightwing
  • "EnergeticLegoFilms" as Slade
  • "Jayttic" as Captain Cold
  • "KP Movie Studios" as Beastboy
  • "Jsfilmz" as Kid Flash


  • "Linkinpop13" - Director
  • Theron Kay, Paramedics, Ross Budgen, Machinimasound, "Jtlc productions", Ethan Teber-Rossi, Alex Lisi, Daniel Ciurlizza - Music


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