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just imagine... A world where anything is possible with a little imagination! is a 1999 VHS release containing animations produced by Wreckless Abandon Studios for LEGO Systems, Inc..[1] All animations are created using DUPLO, and they feature both stop-motion and computer generated animation, as well as a small amount of live action with real people.[2]

Wreckless Abandon Studios also produced the brickfilms The Big NaNa Bird and The Wheelersville Moo Cow Mystery for The LEGO Group.

Plot synopsis[]

The tape contains three distinct segments, which are separated by brief educational interludes, demonstrating basic concepts and opposites.[2]

Imagination saves the day![]

In a town in which everyone never deviates from the norm, a problem must be solved by one kid who dares to use his imagination. A stop-motion segment, with one character animated in CG.

Little Forest Friends: Everyone Wins In The End![]

One creatures living in a forest attempts to convince the others that they must all work together to gather berries during the summer to see them through the winter. A CG animated segment, with a brief amount of live action.

Alphabet Fun[]

A stop-motion segment that displays an example of something starting with each letter of the alphabet.


Written by:

  • Michael Bannon

Executive producer:

  • Mark A. Bannon

Produced by:

  • Stewart Whitney
  • Heidi Bailey

Directed by:

  • Michael Bannon

Director of Photography:

  • John Loos


  • Geoff Buck
  • Mitch Mitchell
  • Brian Kokoszka
  • Jason Ragosta
  • Stacy Karagiannis
  • Dan Pejril
  • Michael Astrachan
  • Marc Dole

Set design:

  • Kevin Fish
  • Steve Bush

Music by:

  • Michael Richard Plowman

Produced at:

  • Wreckless Abandon Studios
  • East Granby, CT, USA