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Jurassic Floor is a 2012 comedy adventure brickfilm by Gregory Moore and Garry Moore.[1][2] It follows Ralph Sellers, who manages to lose his son Roy to an unused office building floor that is infested with dinosaurs.[3] It was an entry to the Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2012, and ultimately won first place.


A firearms salesman, Ralph Sellers, and his young son, Roy, are in an office building. In the elevator, Roy thinks it will be funny to push all of the floor buttons. A businessman, Moffat, enters and is annoyed that all the buttons have been pressed, but begins to make conversation with Ralph. The elevator opens on the 13th floor, which is covered in wild vegetation. Intrigued, Roy runs out, but he is snatched away by a dinosaur. Moffat explains that floor 13 is full of dinosaurs and that Roy will need to be rescued quickly, before getting off at his own floor.

Ralph gathers together all the weapons from his briefcase and heads back down to floor 13. When he enters the floor, however, his weapons are snatched away by a passing dinosaur. He begins to sneak around until he finds Roy in a room being threatened by a velociraptor. Ralph roars to scare the dinosaur away, and takes Roy to make an escape from the floor. They run back to the elevator and the velociraptor tries to get through the door, but Ralph takes a gun a shoots it. On their way out of the building, Roy asks if the dinosaurs will ever escape from the 13th floor, and Ralph responds not unless they figure out how to use elevators.

On the 13th floor, a dinosaur arm reaches out and presses an elevator button.[3]


  • Gregory Moore - Writer, Director
  • Garry Moore - Writer, Director