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Jurassic Bark, also known as Fetch TRex on the LEGO Studios disc, is a 2000 comedy brickfilm commissioned by The LEGO Group and produced by Bastrup Trickfilm in Denmark.[1][2] It is a parody of the t-rex breakout scene from Jurassic Park.[3] It was available on the CD included with the LEGO Studios Steven Spielberg MovieMaker Set, and shots from it were also used in the how-to videos on the CD to demonstrate techniques. It was not created with the LEGO Studios camera.

Jurassic Bark was available online before the official November 2000 launch of LEGO Studios. An early version of the LEGO Studios website hosted the film, along with T-Rex in the Studio as well as a video introduction to LEGO Studios. The archives of this site begin in June 2000.[4] The film was also available on the later version of the website.[5]


Two cars drive through a dinosaur park. Vibrations are felt, and a man looks through binoculars to see a t-rex approaching. The t-rex stomps over the fence and knocks over one of the cars. A man exits the other car and lights a flare. He throws the flare into the woods and the t-rex chases after it. The t-rex brings the flare back, and begins wagging its tail. The man throws the flare again, and the t-rex goes to fetch it again.[3]


  • Bo Hovgaard - Director
  • Jørn Zaulich - Production manager
  • Kresten Foerlev - Animator
  • Tina Klemmensen - Animator
  • Thomas Kildegaard - Light and assistant
  • Brian Poulsen - Photographer