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Julian Witusch is a German animator. He is best known in brickfilming for LEGO Evolution and for his first brickfilm, The Jailbreak, both of which have accumulated high view counts on YouTube.[1] His 2022 brickfilm Poco's Colorful Day was nominated for multiple awards in the Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival,[2] and won the BFG Member's Choice vote.


Year Title Notes
2011 The Jailbreak German title: Der Ausbruch[3]
2011 LEGO Time-lapse
2011 Workout
2011 The Palm Tree German title: Die Palme
2011 Silly Brickfilm
2011 Terror TV
2011 Fail Compilation
2011 LEGO Disco
2013 Gronkh at MyVideo RushHour MyVideo RushHour Stop-Motion Contest entry
2013 5 Redewendungen in LEGO
2013 Bank Robbery German title: Der Einbruch
2015 LEGO Evolution
2020 Corona Panic
2020 A Sunny Day
2020 The Cursed Diamond
2022 Poco's Colorful Day