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Joshua David Mitchell is an American music composer who has been creating original soundtracks for brickfilms as well as other types of films and videos since 2017.[1] His score for Welcome to Darkmoor won the award for Best Original Soundtrack in the 2019 Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival, and he has also been nominated for his work on App Man Episode 6, Marriage: A Star Wars Story, I'LL NEVER BE LONELY AGAIN, and BIT CRUSH BANDITS.[2]

Filmography as composer[]

Year Title Notes
2017 Death Star Jam Directed by Zach Macias
2017 Storm-Trippin' - Remastered audio version Directed by Aaron Legg
2019 App Man Episode 5 Directed by William Osborne
2019 Welcome to Darkmoor Directed by Harrison Allen
2020 Marriage: A Star Wars Story Directed by Zach Macias
2020 Sunflower Directed by Nathan Wells
2020 App Man Episode 6 Directed by William Osborne
2021 Way of the Sword Episode 1 Directed by Rafael Figueroa
2021 I'LL NEVER BE LONELY AGAIN Directed by Ben Young
2022 Stryker: Pioneer Mission Directed by Jordan Tseng
2022 BIT CRUSH BANDITS Directed by Ben Young
2022 LEGO Optimus Prime to the Rescue Directed by William Osborne
2023 Journey to Denmark Directed by Chris Wynn and Seán Willis
2024 The misadventures of the LEGO Minions party-bus Directed by Seán Willis
Commissioned by The LEGO Group
2024 App Man: Through The Buffer-Zone Directed by William Osborne