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Jordan Tseng is a Taiwanese stop-motion animator. He is known for mech animations, including the brickfilms The Desert Soldier and its spiritual sequel MECHA FRAME - Titan Attack, and also Hulkbuster beats Ultron.[1]

Filmography[edit | edit source]

Year Title Notes
2012 Transformers ROTF: Forest Battle
2014 Thor: Brother's Fight
2014 Batman vs Transformers: The Easy Taxi App Commissioned by Easy Taxi Taiwan
2014 Transformers: Fall of evil
2014 Transformers 4: Prime's Rage
2014 The Desert Soldier Commissioned by Hero Design Studio
2015 Mechaframe 5 Commissioned by Mybuild
2015 Hulkbuster beats Ultron
2016 One Punch Man's Play of the Game - The Mightiest Hero
2017 MECHA FRAME - Keiji and Rita's combat training Commissioned by Mybuild
2018 MECHA FRAME - Titan Attack Commissioned by Mybuild
2019 Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum Card Reveal – Splitting Axe Commissioned by Blizzard
2019 MECHA FRAME - Keiji Rita 2 Commissioned by Mybuild

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