Joona Poikonen

Lauri Mäki

Joona Poikonen & Lauri Mäki circa 2010s
Also known as
  • McLad
  • Random
  • Off Productions
  • Damn Creepers
Years active
2000 - Present
Nationality Finland Flag Finnish
Notable works

Joona Poikonen and Lauri Mäki are Finnish brickfilmers and members of the demogroup tAAt. They are best known in brickfilming for LeGorso and its sequel LeGorSIKA, which were influential on brickfilming in Finland.[1] They have produced brickfilms occasionally since then, along with various other animations, demos and short films.


Year Title Notes
2000 LeGorso Assembly 2000 Wild Demo category first place winner[2]
2001 LeGorSIKA - trailer Announcement for LeGorSIKA[3]
2001 LeGorSIKA Assembly 2001 Wild Demo category first place winner[4]
2002 Yhteentörmäys
2005 ToyZone Assembly 2005 Short Film category third place winner[5]
2007 Toy2one Assembly 2007 Short Film category second place winner[6]
2011 I accidentally two Holy Grails Assembly 2011 Short Film category second place winner[7]
2012 I accidentally two Holy Grails - Part II Assembly 2012 Short Film category first place winner[8]
2012 Moments of Insanity
2013 #OnnexEnOoDuplo Uneton48 2013 third place winner


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