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Jonni Peppers is an American animator. She created brickfilms between 2008 and 2013, and is best known in brickfilming for the Jeffery and the Old Man series and for Amphibian Appendages. Her brickfilms are known for their exaggerated, cartoony animation style (characteristics that were far less common in brickfilming at the time she pioneered them), and they sometimes also incorporated hand-drawn animation and claymation.


Year Title Notes
2008 Blah
2008 Ever
2008 Liquid
2008 About A droor About a Door parody
2008 Bob's new monkey
2008 Bob meets Santa Claus
2009 Why You Should Never Listen to Your iPod in the Bathroom X
2009 Balcony
2009 Foot-Dynamite! X
2009 Random Things to Find While Plunging Your Toilet #1
2009 Dane Cook Gets Chased by a Hobo, Pirate and Bike
2009 The Grumpy Old Man
2009 Crazy People!
2009 Glo In Da Dark Hair Gell Ad Created for The Quick Short Advertising Contest, but not on the accepted entries list
2009 Imma Firin Mah Lazar!!!
2009 Jonathan Phillips Gets Kicked In The Butt By The Whole Brickfilming Community
2009 Pirate Survival Trailer
2009 Pirate Survival Episode 1
2009 Dane Cook Gets Mauled By Chuck Norris
2009 Ticked
2009 The Most Random Thing You Ever Saw
2009 King Henry V’s speech.
2009 This Kid Has Something To Say
2009 Merry Easter From Just Kidden Animation
2009 Merry Easter
2009 Inheritance
2009 BarBell[1]
2009 Don't Touch My Epidermis
2009 Sticked
2009 Forgot[2] Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2009 entry
2009 Brickfilm VS Claymation Mac vs. PC parody
2009 Brickfilm VS Claymation 2 X Mac vs. PC parody
2009 A Jeffery and The Old Man Christmas
2010 New Year's Resolutions
2010 The Salesman Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 7 entry
2010 Benedict Arnold
2010 Car Throw "Car Throw" Animation Challenge entry
2010 101 Ways A Minifigure Can Be Annoying #27; Brickfilming Messup X
2010 Amphibian Appendages
2010 No Need For Sarcasm! Co-production with "Awesomeonomy"
2010 The Hero Avant-Garde Contest entry
2010 Shpiderman "Exercise" Animation Challenge entry
2010 Shpiderman 2 "Fall and Make Crater" Animation Challenge entry
2010 Shpiderman 3 "Climbing" Animation Challenge entry
2010 Rotary "Wars" X
2010 Caveman X
2010 Baskets X
2010 Larrygitis Co-production with Zach "Lamplight" Lacosse
Septemberfest Contest 2010 entry
2010 PIG IN A SHOWER Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 8 entry
2011 Jeffery & The Old Man: Love Bites Unfinished
2011 Valentines Day
2011 Walk Cycle X The Four Monkeys' "Walk This Way" Contest entry
2011 EASTER APOCALYPSE EASTER Brickfilming Festival 2011 entry
2011 Treehouse Addiciton
2011 Jeffery and the Old Man in The Great Airplane Murderer Mystery Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2011 entry
2011 Cartoon Physics X "Cartoon Physics" Animation Challenge entry
2011 Shpiderman Is DEAD X
2011 An Average American Celebrates Halloween
2011 Justin Bieber's Greatest Concert
2011 (snow)BALLS "Throwing a Snowball" Animation Challenge entry
2011 An Economy Joke
2011 business
2011 A Completely Serious Film with unfitting music
2011 Mr. Georgeface and His Unmannerly Dog Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 9 entry
2012 The Life of Confucius X
2012 Eggs EASTER Brickfilming Festival 2012 honourable mention
2012 crybaby
2012 A Very JK Christmas
2012 The Horrific Object Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest X entry
2013 The Strongman X
2013 the mistake
2013 Jeffery and the Old Man in: Jeffery Gets a Voicebox Transplant
2013 unfinished ostrich lego movie
2013 EGGS 2 EASTER Brickfilming Contest 2013 entry
2013 you were a mistake Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 11 entry
2013 sick move
2014 Jeffrey and the Old Man in: They Make Some Robots Unfinished[3]