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Jonathan Schlaepfer is an American computer programmer. He is known in brickfilming for founding the website Bricks in Motion in 2008.

Founding of Bricks in Motion[]

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Schlaepfer served as a programmer for and was also a co-creator of the Brickfilms Podcast. Upon Joshua Leasure's sale of in 2007, Schlaepfer became the chief admin of the site, while the new owners initially played a hidden role. In 2008, amid complaints within the community surrounding added advertising, site changes, and uncertainty and suspicion over the intentions of the new owners, Schlaepfer thought the future of the site looked bad and decided to begin development of a new brickfilming community website. The discovery of this led to his dismissal as admin of, initially with this reason not explained to the community, leading to confusion and anger over his sudden ousting. Schlaepfer launched his new site soon afterwards, under the temporary name I ♥ Brickfilming, and the community began to migrate to it.[1]

The site was planned to be renamed to but, following a Cease and Desist letter over the use of the term "brickfilm" in a website name, the name was changed to Bricks in Motion, reviving a name previously used for the personal site of Thomas Foote. Schlaepfer launched the finished version of the site, co-developed with Grant "LegosJedi" Butler, at the end of 2008. In early 2009, feeling he no longer had time to run the site, Schlaepfer passed control of the site to Philip Heinrich. He continued to provide hosting for the site until 2014.


Year Title Notes
2004 Motorcycle Race[2]
2004 The Birds Trailer
2004 Just a Political Brickfilm
2004 The Twelfth Labor of Hercules
2005 The Odyssey: Books 21 and 22
2005 TV
2005 "Untitled"